PM Grenada
Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada, at the 2017 PARIS21 Annual Meetings

On 9-11 July 2018, consultation meetings were held with key agencies of the Grenada Government, including the Public Workers Union, to discuss the proposal for transitioning the Central Statistical Office (CSO) to a National Statistics Institute (NSI). Following the consultations, a CSO Change Management Workshop was conducted on 12-13 July to lay the ground work for the transition. The endorsement of the revised statistics bill by the Grenada Cabinet early this year, which will provide the statistics office with the official mandate to co-ordinate the national statistical system, has prompted the need to prepare a proposal for the transition.

The National Statistics Institute, once set-up, will be a body corporate with semi-autonomous status. The Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, strongly supports the transformation and modernisation of the CSO to NSI as a means to strengthen the statistical system to support good governance. He considers the transition an urgent undertaking for his country as he wants to set an example and be the first in the region to take serious action on statistics reform and development, following the endorsement of the CARICOM Regional Strategy for the Development of Statistics Framework during the Thirty-Ninth Meeting of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (COCHOG) in Jamaica in July 2018.

PARIS21 has actively supported institutional strengthening activities in Grenada since 2016, which included the review and revision of the statistical law, assessment of the national statistical system, training on NSDS, and currently the preparation of the proposal for the CSO transition to NSI.

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