PARIS21 participated in the 22-24 January 2018 workshop on - National platforms for SDG reporting: Identifying best practices and solutions. It was organised by UNSD at the United Nations HQ with support from DFID and UNICEF. The purpose of this meeting was to review best practices and showcase potential solutions in this space and to produce recommendations and guidelines for basic requisites of national data platforms suitable for SDG follow-up and reporting.

PARIS21’s discussion paper - Making Data Portals work for SDGs: A view on deployment, design and technology – was referred to as a background document as well as throughout the the workshop.

Referring to recent PRESS report, PARIS21 highlighted the low share of Official Development Assistance focused on data and statistics in developing countries; and stressed on open source software and community support model as a means to optimise resources while building NSO capacities.

The event brought together 70+ participants including representatives from national statistical offices, international and regional organisations with programmes or initiatives that support data platforms in countries, as well as donors and other providers of data platform solutions.

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