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PARIS21 2020 Board Meeting

Date: 7-8 April 2020

Location: OECD Boulogne

Unlocking the SDGs as a Shared Results Framework: From Ambition to Action

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present an enormous opportunity for development actors to align their systems and data for better policymaking. A domesticated SDG monitoring framework can serve as a platform for the shared generation and use of results data in both donor and partner countries, enabling mutual accountability among all stakeholders. Yet at the country level, the heightened data demands posed by the universality of the Agenda have created an additional burden on under-capacitated national statistical systems (NSSs) while also widening the disconnect between NSSs and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems.

Day one of the 2020 PARIS21 Board Meeting, jointly organised by PARIS21 and the OECD, will address the issue of SDG domestication at the country level. Bringing together over a 100 diverse stakeholders from NSSs and the results and evaluation communities, it will explore how to leverage the SDGs as a shared results framework to facilitate mutual accountability. The conference will also feature stories from different countries and lessons learnt to discover win-win opportunities, and create synergies between NSSs and M&E systems to better use the universally endorsed SDG framework to align donor and country results frameworks.

During day two, PARIS21 Board Members will have the opportunity to explore these and other issues more closely. The closed session will also focus on administrative and institutional issues related to the partnership. The meeting will provide an opportunity to reflect on PARIS21’s work over the previous year, as well as setting the strategic direction for the future. It also aims to facilitate consultation and cooperation among PARIS21 Members, and highlight the work being done by member countries and institutional partners.