The five to ten year National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) is expected to provide a country with a strategic vision for developing statistical capacity across the entire national statistical system (NSS). After the creation of an NSDS Action Plan, Evaluation Reports are used to assess the status and progress of a country's strategy. 

NSDS Documents can be categorised into one of the following categories:

  • Roadmap
  • Strategy or Action Plan
  • Mid-Term Evaluation
  • Final Evaluation

Recent NSDS Documents 

Title Country Year Document Type Language
NSDS Roadmap: Guyana Guyana 2018 Roadmap English
NSDS : Mauritania Mauritania 2016-2020 Strategy French
NSDS : Libya Libya 2018-2023 Strategy



NSDS Mid-term Review (2011-2020) Viet Nam 2017 Mid-term Review English
Évaluation à Mi-Parcours
de la Stratégie Nationale
de Développement de la Statistique
(SNDS) 2014-2019
Sénégal 2017 Mid-Term Review French
NSDS Evaluation - Sudan Sudan 2016 Final Evaluation English
Evaluation Finale de la SNDS du Cabo Verde Cabo Verde 2016 Final Evaluation French
Evaluation Finale de la SNDS du Gabon Gabon 2016 Final Evaluation French
SNDS Sao Tomé et Principe- Rapport de Mi-Parcours Sao Tomé & Principe 2016 Mid-Term Review French
Rapport de la mission conjointe d'evaluation finale de la SNDS 2010-2014 du Burundi Burundi 2015 Final Evaluation French
Statistical Master Plan for Cambodia, Mid-Term Review Cambodia 2012 Mid-Term Review English

Additional NSDS Evaluations