Effective advocacy for statistics is crucial as evidence-based decision making and proper financing is necessary for the long-term development of National Statistical Systems (NSSs). PARIS21 is positioned to undertake advocacy at the international, regional and national levels and to provide support and access to advocacy materials for partners within the NSSs.


The Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) is one of PARIS21's flagship publications. It presents data on technical and financial support to statistical development worldwide and is thus a valuable tool for collaboration.


The Country Report on Support to Statistics (CRESS) is an initiative led by the country to gather all data relating to the funding of the National Statistical System (NSS), whether deriving from domestic resources or external aid.

User Producer Dialogue

Strengthening dialogue between those who produce and those who use statistics has been at the heart of PARIS21's mandate since its inception in 1999.

Advocacy Toolkit

PARIS21's Country-level Advocacy Toolkit aims to help national statistical system managers and statisticians in developing countries with their own advocacy work and to demonstrate the advantages of planning advocacy systematically.