PARIS21 champions more and better funding of data in order to inform data and statistics that support sustainable development for all groups of people. As a global platform for national statistical offices in developing countries, a bridge between countries and international organisations and voice for the powerful story of data in advancing sustainable development, while ensuring that our own efforts, and those of our partners, are reflected in our storytelling.

Bern Network

The Bern Network on Financing Data for Development is an open, multi-stakeholder alliance to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by promoting more and better financing for data. Focused primarily on poor countries and fragile states, it works to support better identification of needs, improved investment proposals, better co-ordination at the country level, and bridge domestic and external financial and technical support for low-capacity countries.

Trust in Data

With the advent of new technologies in the current “post-truth” digital era characterised by competing numbers, disinformation campaigns and socio-political polarisation, PARIS21 has initiated the important discussion on trust in data and the role of NSSs in this debate.

The annual PARIS21 2019 Cross-Regional Forum (CRF) was held on 28-29 October on the topic of “Building Trust in Data: What’s New for National Statistical Systems?” This built on the takeaways from the 2018 Annual Conference on “Truth in Numbers: The Role of Data in a World of Fact, Fiction and Everything in Between” and anchored discussions around developing trustworthy NSOs and their role in building and sustaining trust in the broader data ecosystem

In light of above developments, PARIS21 launched the PARIS21 2020 Trust Initiative at the 2019 CRF to support the design and funding of pilot activities in low- and middle-income countries to improve trust in official statistics and NSSs. The Initiative received over 50 proposals from various regions and from a diverse range of actors (i.e. NSOs, CSOs, IOs and academia). PARIS21 will continue work on the Initiative into 2020, including the selection of the final Trust Initiative proposals in consultation with an external selection panel, supporting the roll-out of their implementation and consolidating the lessons learned as case studies.

Statistical Capacity Development Outlook

Drawing on data from the PARIS21 Statistical Capacity Monitor, the report aims to provide a global snapshot of the modern data ecosystem and the implications for national statistical systems. The Outlook offers a comprehensive assessment of the statistical capacity of countries in respect to planning, production, dissemination, use and investment, and takes stock of where countries are and what investments and strategies will be required to respond to the growing demands for more and better data