This is a 3-day national workshop gathering journalists and statisticians, with the main objective to reinforce the collaboration between the two communities. It allows on the one side to improve the communication and data storytelling skills of statisticians, and on the other side to improve the statistical literacy of the journalists. The workshop has also for objective to initiate a sustainable dialogue framework between the two communities. 


Module Module (french)/Resources

1. Challenges and objectives of the course "Public Relations and Statistics"

  • Importance of the course
  • Course Introduction

1. Enjeux et objectifs du cours "Relations publiques et statistique"

De l'importance du cours

Introduction au cours

For data users Pour les utilisateurs

2. Statistics: The Basics

  • Basic calculations
  • Indices
  • Indicators of dispersion
  • Graphs

2. Statistique: les bases

  • Les calculs de base
  • Les indices
  • Indicateurs de dispersion
  • Les graphiques

3. Reading statistics

  • Collection methods
  • Judging the quality of statistics
  • Case studies

3. Lire les statistiques

  • Les méthodes de collecte
  • Juger de la qualité des statistiques
  • Études de cas
4. Becoming an experienced user 4. Devenir un utilisateur expérimenté
For data producers Pour les producteurs

5. Media Format

  • Pretests
  • Context
  • The challenges of journalists and statisticians
  • Principles and tools for communicating with the media

5. Format medias

  • Pre-tests
  • Contexte
  • Les défis des journalistes et des statisticiens
  • Principes et outils de communication avec les médias

6. Total Quality in official statistics

  • Total Quality Management
  • The quality cycle
  • Total Quality in official statistics

6. Qualité totale dans les statistiques officielles

  • La gestion de la qualité totale
  • Le cycle de qualité
  • La qualité totale dans les statistiques officielles
Joint modules  
7. Crisis Management 7. Gestion de crise
8. On the fields of demography, health, national accounts and the MDGs 8. Les domaines de la démographie, de la santé, de la comptabilité nationale et des OMD



GC21 e-learning modules

Audio & video recording during the training

Audience Journalists (Print and TV); Statisticians; NSOs communication officers
Preparation/Prerequisites None
Content See above

Statistical Literacy

Data storytelling

Media training

Previous trainings Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal

Networks of journalists interested in statistics in the 6 countries.

Improved working relations between NSO and national TV in Cameroon.

Official working agreement between NSO and journalists associations in Senegal (Sept 2015) and Sao Tome & Principe (July 2016).

Successful transfer of knowledge with the training of African trainers coming from NSOs and national medias.