The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) further increase the demand on countries to produce and make available faster and cheaper high-quality data. New solutions are required, in a context of decreasing funding for official data agencies. To respond to this situation, PARIS21 has developed selected innovative tools to help data agencies in developing countries better respond to the changing data ecosystem.

Financed by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PARIS21's Informing a Data Revolution (IDR) project aimed to improve the production, accessibility and use of data to ensure that the data revolution serves the 2030 development agenda. This work built on several years of implementing the Accelerated Data Program with more than 60 countries worldwide, providing guidelines, tools, resources and overall capacity building to improve access to quality household survey microdata. The following tools and resources have been developed by PARIS21 and stable versions are available as public goods, supported by guidelines and documentation.

ADAPT: the Advanced Data Planning Tool

ADAPT is an innovative web-based planning tool for national statistical offices to adapt their data production to the priority data needs of policy makers. ADAPT is being used by PARIS21 itself and several of its partners, including UNSD in the context of its SDG readiness assessments. Version 1.0 of ADAPT is available and is being used in approximately 10 countries. Version 1.1 will be released in November 2017 with enhanced reporting functionalities.

PISTA: the Platform for Innovations in Statistics

PISTA is a platform that collects and shares innovations in data and statistics. PISTA allows easy browsing and identification of the data innovations relevant to a specific data challenges.

PISTA is useful for all individuals and agencies working in data – especially those in touch with the modernisation of data processes and the design of data work programmes.

PARIS21 has developed PISTA to help statistical agencies become more responsive to rapidly changing data demands.

OAR: the Open Assessment Repository

The Open Assessment Repository (OAR) is a platform to view, browse and compare different statistical capacity assessment frameworks. PARIS21 developed it for the purpose of the “Measurement” Task Team of the Capacity Development 4.0 Initiative.

Dataviz: the Data Visualization Training Toolkit

DataViz supports data agencies in improving their data dissemination and communication practices as a means of promoting evidence-based policy-making and decisions at the country level. With the aim of sustaining the capacity building programmes of statistical systems, PARIS21 partners with national and regional institutions in training activities on data communication and visualization.

New Data Sources

PARIS21 is looking into how new data sources, such as Big Data, can be used to fill data gaps and provide more efficient, timely and detailed data.

2020 Trust Initiative

PARIS21 is seeking proposals for innovative projects that enhance trust in data and statistics in low and middle-income countries. The initiative will sponsor six to twelve-month projects up to 50 000 EUR each. Eligible candidates include national statistical offices (NSOs) or any private, public or civil society entity in joint partnership with a NSO. The initiatives will foster the implementation of innovative solutions across any of the statistical, structural and/or reputational aspects of trust in the national statistical system.