PARIS21 has demonstrated that its strongest comparative advantage is in rallying, facilitating, and coordinating its partners. Its work so far on National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDSs), Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) and Data Management among others gives it an advantage at the country and regional level. 

Under its new strategy, PARIS21 will continue to facilitate discussions on key issues affecting data and statistics, and to seek agreements on needed action where appropriate, among all relevant partners, at the national, regional and international levels. PARIS21 also strengthens the capacity of countries to monitor and measure their development progress (through its PRESS and Country Report on Support to Statistics (CRESS) reports, respectively), of NSDS processes worldwide, as well as the BAPS indicators on the use of statistics.

Indicators & SDG Monitoring

The PARIS21 Secretariat was assigned as custodian agency for three indicators within SDG 17 that are related to statistical capacity: "Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development".

Cape Town Global Action Plan

The CTGAP calls for a commitment by governments, policy leaders and the international community to undertake key actions under specific strategic areas.

International Working Groups

PARIS21 continues to advocate for national statistics at the regional and international levels through engaged membership in various High Level Working Groups.

PARIS21 Task Teams

PARIS21 has created various task teams to advance statistical capacity development objectives.