Statistical Capacity Development Outlook

The data demands of the SDGs are requiring countries to ramp up capacity within their national statistical systems. The Statistical Capacity Development Outlook, PARIS21's Flagship Report, provides an overview of current trends, challenges and emerging approaches in statistical capacity development. The Outlook, accompanied by an online Statistical Capacity Monitor, is also intended to play a role in guiding future efforts to develop capacity within and across national statistical systems and to support co-ordination efforts among donors.

Outlook 2019: A first comprehensive look at the state of statistical capacity in developing countries


> Flagship 2019

PARIS21's inaugural Flagship Report, the Statistical Capacity Development Outlook 2019, outlines statistical capacity across four areas:

  1. Overview of the current state of statistical capacity
  2. Recent trends in statistical capacity development
  3. A revised approach to assessing statistical capacity
    in the new data ecosystem
  4. Developing capacity for the more effective use
    of statistics