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Event: Third High-Level Advocacy Forum (HLF) on Statistics: Investing in Statistics to Build Resilience and to Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth and Development in the Caribbean Community

Institution: Caribbean Community

Location: St. George’s, Grenada

Date: 22 February 2019

Forum Objectives:

The third HLF seeks to promote the implementation of the strategic framework of the CARICOM RSDS and ensure that the Heads of Government commit to operationalising the CARICOM RSDS by:

  1. Reinforcing the importance of statistics as a priority of the national, regional and international development agenda relative to attracting investment in this data sector;
  2. Realising high-level commitment by governments of CARICOM to investing in the strengthening of the national and regional statistical offices/systems as a key means of sustaining the development and availability of statistics;
  3. Obtaining high-level support from countries, economic integration areas, international agencies and other partners and statistical agencies in the Region and the world over for the implementation of the CARICOM RSDS;
  4. Forging collaborative and cost-effective approaches to the development of statistics in CARICOM based on partnerships among agencies in order to avoid the duplication of efforts;
  5. Enabling the production and dissemination of timely, high quality and relevant statistics for decision-making and for the empowerment of citizens of CARICOM;
  6. Promoting the use of statistics in informing all aspects of economic, social, environmental and technological challenges that impact the building of resilience of CARICOM and for achieving sustainable economic growth.

For more information: CARICOM RSDS 2019-2030