Webinar: Communicating Gender Statistics

OECD March on Gender 2020

13 March, 3.00PM (CET)

What’s the issue?

Communicating gender statistics is an important step in advocating for evidence-based policy for gender equality and improving public awareness of gender dynamics in the economy and society. National statistics offices (NSOs) work on the frontlines of this issue by producing gender statistics.

However, accurately reflecting gender issues in official statistics poses a significant challenge. For example, labor statistics often do not account for how women’s unpaid work contributes to economic growth. Furthermore, limited dissemination and use gender statistics, including sex-disaggregated data, highlight a need to improve communication of gender statistics in tandem with an increase in their production.

Media play a unique role in bridging between NSOs and citizens, communicating statistical information in ways that are accessible to wide audiences. This "infomediary" function is a powerful tool to expand the reach and impact of official statistics in policy and public discourse. Because of this, journalists are recognized as key stakeholders in communicating and disseminating gender statistics.

As NSOs produce gender statistics, journalists are well positioned to accelerate and expand dissemination by repackaging data for public consumption. On the other hand, journalists also benefit from this process, with an increase in the supply of high-quality statistics to ground new stories in data and evidence. This virtuous cycle of demand for more and better gender data constitutes a ‘win-win’ partnership.

Despite this apparent synergy, effective patterns of NSO-media engagement are elusive. Issues of trust, capability, access and mismatched priorities often short-circuit paths to expand gender data use and improve communication of gender statistics. This webinar will unpack these challenges, showcasing examples of media gender data use and impact. Looking through a wider lens, the session will explore the complementary roles of journalists and national statisticians in leveraging gender statistics to advance gender equality.

Why attend?

Join us in a conversation with Jessa Encarnacion and Ala Negruta, two Statistics Specialists from the UN Women "Women Count" project, independent journalist Crina Boros, Ruben Muhayiteto from National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda and Johannes Jütting, PARIS21 Executive Head. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that journalists and statisticians face when communicating gender statistics.

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