The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an unprecedented human and economic toll on the world. While countries have introduced strict measures to mitigate the impacts of the ongoing pandemic, a sustainable recovery and future resilience of our societies is still under question. Alongside new and better policies in public health, economic policy and social protection, the crisis also underscored the need for resilient and trusted public data systems in evidence-based policymaking.


Concept note

With the aim of building back better and meeting new and rising data demands, PARIS21 in collaboration with the African Union Institute for Statistics (STATAFRIC) developed a unique training course to improve strategic planning for data and statistical development, using innovative tools and methods.

The training course was conducted in English from 15-18 June 2021 and in French from 21-24 June 2021.

In the course of four days, participantswere trained in

  • undertaking strategic planning for statistical development and preparing data plans;
  • using new tools to aid in the coordination of the national statistical system (NSS) and to identify data and funding gaps;
  • designing and implementing responsive national strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS), taking into consideration the Agenda 2063, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and national development priorities;
  • updating the guidelines on mainstreaming the Strategy for the Harmonization of Statistics in Africa 2017-2026 (SHaSA 2) in the NSDS/RSDS

Participants shared and presented country practices and experiences in national development planning and strategic planning in statistics to enrich peer-to-peer learning.

Event presentations:


Day 2: Overview SHASA Urganda

Day 3: Exercise 1 exercise 2 SCM training Geospatial  PARIS21

Day 4: BSC LIBYA Gender Strategic planning  Gender STAT

Event recordings:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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