Partner Event

Institution: UNSD

Location: New York, USA

Date: 22-24 January 2018

Discussions in several fora: from regional workshops to international seminars on SDGs - have underlined the great urgency to establish national data portals/platforms for the reporting of the SDG indicators in both developing and developed countries. The urgency to discuss this issue derives from the fact that in many developing countries existing data reporting platforms are either not fully functional or not fully suitable for the reporting of SDG indicators or have only a limited functionality. Moreover, so far, no arrangements and products have emerged that would establish common sustainable solutions for a large number of countries, as it was the case with DevInfo, which was used in about 120 countries during the MDGs. A study on national data portals published in 2016 by PARIS21 concluded that while there have been many well-intentioned efforts to make these portals available to countries, the outcomes are rather mixed particularly in the most aid-dependent countries. The frequent establishment of multiple parallel platforms has often resulted in (i) a duplication of workload for already resource-constrained NSOs, which have to maintain several portals and update information manually, (ii) confusion for users, who consult the various portals with often conflicting results, and (iii) overall high costs for demonstrably low usage of these portals.

Objective:The objective of this meeting is to review best practices and to discuss and showcase possible solutions and to identify ways forward for their implementation. In addition, the meeting will produce recommendations and guidelines for basic requisites of national data platforms suitable to SDG follow-up and reporting.

For more information: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/capacity-building/meetings/National_Platforms_for_SDGs