In 2011, UNDP, under the umbrella of the United Nations Development Group, launched an initiative to facilitate an open and inclusive process of global consultations on defining the priorities of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. After a first round of global, thematic, national and online consultations that addressed the issues that should be part of the new development framework (the “what”), the initiative is now entering its second phase, focusing more on concrete ways of making the Post-2015 development agenda a reality (the “how”).

Building on the outcomes of the first phase of UNDG consultations on Post-2015 development priorities, UNDP, with the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and in collaboration with several partners, will convene a global meeting focused on data and accountability in the new development framework. The meeting will bring together various initiatives and key stakeholders active in the field, from governments, parliaments, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, civil society and academia.

The event will be informed with insights and findings from ongoing initiatives led by partners such as OECD's Paris21 (build data and statistical capacity to monitor the development agenda), ODI (research on methodology and technical challenges of the data revolution), CEPEI (discussions in Latin America on how to leverage and scale up a data revolution for sustainable development), PASGR (implications of the data revolution for Africa), SciDevNet (on the role of media and data journalism), the North-South Institute (on piloting the data revolution at the country level), Restless Development (on the role of youth), the UN Statistical Division, among others. Participants will discuss topics including lessons learned from the experience of the UN system and other stakeholders in monitoring the MDGs at the national and global levels, a conceptual framework for development data, open data, innovation and new technologies for participation, institutional capacity and infrastructure requirements for improved data collection and the use of data in evidence-based policy-making, national and international legislative frameworks for monitoring and accountability of development delivery, the role of data journalism and media in fostering transparency and participation.

The 3-day event will take place at the United Nations Headquarters from 29 to 31 January 2014, in conjunction with the eighth session of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals.