Gender equality and the empowerment of women are an essential part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet a 2018 UN Women report found that globally sufficient and regular data are not available for 44 out of 54 gender-specific SDG indicators, making it difficult to assess and monitor the direction and pace of progress for women and girls. Moreover, according to the forthcoming 2019 PARIS21 PRESS report, only 13% of statistics projects backed by multilateral donors were linked to gender statistics.

Without properly reported gender statistics it will be impossible to create sustainable policies or hold governments to account to address gender inequities.

In this context, PARIS21 and UN Women are collaborating on a project within the Making every woman and girl count initiative to strengthen national statistical systems to produce quality gender statistics aligned with national priorities and Agenda 2030.

We have developed a framework for the assessment of gender statistics in terms of data gaps and capacity gaps of national statistical systems. The experience of three pilot countries will be shared alongside best practices on mainstreaming the gender perspective in national strategies for development of statistics (NSDS). We are also working on a methodology to measure the use of gender statistics in policy documents, social media and news.

The Experts Meeting will bring together representatives from the media and statistics community to discuss the PARIS21 text analysis study in relation to the use of gender statistics in public policy documents and media.

The meeting has three main objectives:

Discuss the PARIS21 approach to measuring data gaps and improving statistical capacity development with relation to the production, coordination, communication and use of quality gender statistics that meet user needs.

Present the initial application of the gender statistics assessment in the pilot countries and showcase ways of integrating gender statistics in national statistical systems through NSDS.

Discuss the design and operational aspects of the text analysis methodology developed by PARIS21 to measure the use of gender-specific data in policymaking, social media and news.



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PARIS21 UN Women Gender Expert Meeting - Oct 2019