During this Global Network webinar, taking place online on 25 May, 14:30-15:30 CET, Steve Vale (UNECE), Alexander Loschky (UNSD), Jurei Yada (Paris21) will make three short presentation on Tools and mechanisms to coordinate capacity development.

Steve Vale will talk about the challenges of coordinating statistical capacity development in a region where there are over 30 providers, all with their own mandates and agendas. He will explain how a recommendation from the UN Secretary General on development system reform led to the creation of a new type of group, aiming to bring together the key players in statistical capacity development and promote greater coordination and collaboration. He will outline the working methods and tools developed, and highlight the results achieved so far.

Alexander Loschky will present the new Global Calendar of Statistical Events. The Global Calendar is a tool to better coordinate capacity development events and other statistical and geospatial information events across the UN System and beyond. Alexander will present the current functionalities of the open beta version of the calendar, its coverage, and will shortly explain the technology behind it. In addition, Alexander will talk briefly about the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians.

Jurei Yada will introduce the work of the Bern Network and its landmark project, the Clearinghouse for Financing Development Data – a new global platform that will improve information flows to better match the supply of and demand for statistical support. She will give an overview of the platform, its planned functionalities and the next steps ahead of its global launch later in 2021.


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