Partner Event

Institution: UNECE

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 11-13 April 2018

The purpose of the workshop is to create a better understanding of the use and benefits of ModernStats models individually and collectively and the relationships between them. The workshop aims to:

  • Promote the use of ModernStats models;
  • Increase the understanding of the interrelationships between the ModernStats models;
  • Facilitate the sharing of experiences, ideas and plans for modernising statistical production by implementing these models;
  • Identify opportunities for international collaboration activities.

The workshop is primarily intended for staff of statistical organisations who are responsible for developing, implementing and promoting standards-based modernisation of producing statistics. It includes those using or thinking about using models for the modernisation of statistical production.

For more information: https://statswiki.unece.org/display/MWW2/ModernStats+World+Workshop+2018