Thursday, 25 August 2022, 9:00-12:00 (Bangkok time), Bangkok, Thailand


Official statistics are part of the larger and complex data ecosystem. Tapping into the opportunities created by that ecosystem can lead to a delivery of better information to policymakers and citizens. In order to benefit from these opportunities, national statistical offices must be able to produce data to support robust legal and policy instruments and facilitate engaging state and non-state actors in data for decision-making, monitoring and follow-up.

In this respect, regional dialogue and peer learning are key to finding efficient and equitable resolution of many data governance challenges. The regional meeting on data governance will build on the discussions during the UN ESCAP Expert Dialogues in the eight session of the Committee on Statistics of UN ESCAP and provide an opportunity to deep dive into some of the key challenges and development opportunities.

The meeting will discuss the following issues;

  • Data stewardship: what does this mean for NSOs and what is needed to ensure effective data governance
  • The enabling environment for ensuring inclusive data governance: new partnerships and innovative approaches


PARIS21 2022 Fall Meetings

PARIS21’s 2022 Fall Meetings will bring partners together to showcase good data practices and partnerships from across the world, providing the opportunity for more in-depth discussions and collective learning. The key takeaways from this meeting will culminate with the PARIS21 2022 Fall Meetings, where it is envisaged to showcase outcomes of this subregional PARIS21/ESCAP event, as a good example of inter-regional cooperation and highlighting key partner initiatives. Results will be presented at the PARIS21 Board Meeting at the OECD in Paris on 9-10 November 2022.


Concept note and agenda


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