PARIS21, together with its partners, is committed to building resilient and modern data ecosystems that harness the value of data for transformative climate action. This conference provided insights into the key challenges and opportunities related to climate change data production and use in low capacity countries, and discussed the potential of an integrated data ecosystems approach. It built on the lessons learned from the PARIS21 Expert Workshop on Climate Change Data Ecosystems in December 2021.

Climate change is an environmental, social, economic and political concern. The PARIS21 2022 Spring Meetings featured a series of virtual events over the course of two days, convening interdisciplinary experts from diverse backgrounds, policy makers, national statistical offices, civil society and academia to share perspectives and best practices, bridge gaps in institutional knowledge and identify ways for collective data-driven climate action.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Understand the need for an integrated data ecosystems approach on climate change and how it can contribute to action in various policy domains and for cross-cutting purposes (Day 1)
  • Enhance learning on the reality of the current climate data landscape in fragile and capacity-constrained contexts, and identify ways to develop sustainable climate data ecosystems (Day 2)
  • Explore opportunities to bring together different institutions and actors and galvanise effective and data-informed climate action (Day 1 and 2)


Recordings and Presentations 


Agenda and speakers

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