PARIS21 and its partners held a series of meetings in Paris, from 13 to 15 November, on issues relating to PARIS21 governance and other important statistical development initiatives. The meetings were as follows:

All sessions were held in the International Energy Agency Conference Center, 9 rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris.


Record of the Proceedings - November 2007 PARIS21 Steering Committee meetings
Agenda - November 2007 Steering Committee
List of Participants - November 2007 Steering Committee Meeting
List of Documents
List of Decisions
PARIS21 Progress Report -- Reporting Period: May 2007 – October 2007
PARIS21 Secretariat Work Programme 2007 (Q4) – 2008 (Q1–Q4)
PARIS21 and World Forum Co-operation: Towards National Roundtables for Measuring Progress
Metagora Brochure
PARIS21 Consortium Meeting – Concept Note
Metagora: Current Progress and the Way Forward
Partner Reporting System on Statistical Development: Discussion Points for Steering Committee Meeting
World Bank Financing for Statistics
Status Report of the Task Team for Development of the Virtual Statistical System: Information for Steering Committee Meeting
National Strategies for the Development of Statistics: Going from design to implementation (Presentation)
About PARIS21 (Presentation)
Accessing and using data: Donor needs (Presentation)
Metagora: Current Progress and the Way Forward - Presentation
Bringing Information to the World: How to use it (Presentation)
Bringing Information to the World (Presentation)
Development of the Virtual Statistical System: Task Team Status Report (Presentation)
International Household Survey Network and Accelerated Data Program (Presentation)
Building a National Data Archive: ADP Support in Uganda (Presentation)
Accelerated Data Program (Presentation)
Projet PSA au Cameroun (Presentation)
The International Household Survey Network - Presentation
Activités du Programme Accéléré de Statistique au Niger (Presentation)
Brief on the Accelerated Data Programme (ADP) in Nigeria (Presentation)
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