On 26 April 2006 in Paris, the PARIS21 Steering Committee reviewed inter alia: the PARIS21 progress report, the worldwide NSDS progress report, the results from the light reporting exercise, the results from the light evaluation, and the future of the Partnership. The record of the proceedings from the April 26 meeting are available below.

A separate donors’ meeting was held during the morning of 27 April 2006. Current and potential donors to PARIS21 and the World Bank’s Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building discussed PARIS21 and TFSCB funding needs; as well as the needs of developing countries designing and implementing their National Strategies for the Development of Statistics. The record of the proceedings from the April 27 meeting are available below.

Record of the Proceedings - April 2006 Steering Commitee Meeting
Record of the Proceedings - April 2006 PARIS21 Donors Meeting & TFSCB Consultative Group
Agenda - Steering Committee (26 April 2006)
Agenda - Donors Meeting (27 April 2006)
List of Documents
PARIS21 Progress Report for 2005 and Work Programme for 2006 (English)
PARIS21 Progress Report for 2005 and Work Programme for 2006 (French)
Advocacy Plan for Developing Statistics
Light Reporting Mechanism: Proposal for the Future
The Future of PARIS21: A proposal by the PARIS21 Secretariat
Progress Report from the Task Team on Costing and Funding of NSDSs
Draft proposal to develop guidelines for linking sectoral information systems within national statistical systems
Advocacy Strategy: A Proposal for PARIS21
Presentation on PARIS21 Light Evaluation
Presentation on PARIS21 Progress in 2005 and Early 2006
Presentation on PARIS21 Work Programme for 2006
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