The SDGs and country implementation: Navigating between international needs and local realities


21 September 17:30 – 19:00

(followed by a reception)

The Roosevelt Hotel, Sutton Suite – 2nd Floor

45 E 45th St, New York 


Implementing the SDGs at the country level has just started and there is a lot to learn from the experiences of those countries which have already embarked on this journey. One of the key challenges is the possible divergence between the efforts to produce internationally comparable data according to harmonised standards on the one hand, and data that is relevant, timely, and accurate from the national perspective on the other hand. Ultimately, new and reliable data of all types will be needed to provide governments with the capacity to design better policies and programmes. At the same time, more quality data needs to be collected for international monitoring. Can countries manage both?

Against this background, the objective of the PARIS21, CEPEI and Southern Voice hosted during the margins of the United Nations General Assembly is to take stock of existing experiences in implementation looking at it from both the national and international perspective in view of coming up with ideas how the implementation, measurement and monitoring of the SDGs can be beneficial for both the countries and the international community.

The concept note and agenda are available here

As space is limited, please register with jack.mcneill[at]oecd[dot]org by September 16.


CEPEI_CPD_P21 event_UNGA 2016.pdf
CEPEI_CPD_P21 event_UNGA 2016.pdf