Unlocking the potential of NSO Data

Strengthening the relationship between fact-checkers and national statistical offices can enhance the impact of each community’s work. But how can these two stakeholder groups strengthen their connections?

To pursue this objective, Open Data Watch, Open Data Institute, PARIS21 are teaming up with three fact-checking organizations across the globe - Full Fact, Chequeado, and Africa Check - for a webinar that will forge a path toward curbing the spread of misinformation around the world.

The goal is to identify specific areas of focus in the light of insights from the study of data portals by PARIS21 and Open Data Watch and results of the Google.org grant to Full Fact, Chequeado, Africa Check and the Open Data Institute.


Watch the event recording


Concept note


Speaker List:

  • Andy Dudfield, Head of Automated Fact Checking, Full Fact
  • Lee Mwiti, Chief Editor, Africa Check
  • Fadhila Najah, Chief of Dissemination Database Unit, National Institute of Statistics, Tunisia
  • Fionntán O’Donnell, Senior Data Technologist, Open Data Institute
  • Rajiv Ranjan, Innovation Team Lead, PARIS21
  • Eric Swanson, Director of Research, Open Data Watch
  • Yeama Thompson, Managing Director, Sierra Leone News Agency
  • Kate Wilkinson, Deputy Chief Editor, Africa Check

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