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30 June 2020, 10:00AM EST

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, global progress in gender equality and development for women and girls is in danger of being erased. In addition to the immediate threat of the virus itself, the pandemic and containment interventions are associated with increased risks of violence against women and a massive increase in unpaid care work. Rising poverty rates, lower school attendance and completion, job losses (particularly among women in the informal sector), and higher sexual and reproductive health vulnerability are growing medium-term threats.

The immediate need for gender data cannot be overemphasized. Tracking and responding to the effects of COVID-19 for women and girls requires a robust supply of gender statistics and disaggregated data that are relevant, granular and timely. Demand for gender data is accelerating, even as options to expand supply have become more limited as overburdened and under-capacitated national statistical systems become overstretched.

Join us in a conversation with UN Women, representatives from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and State Department for Gender, Maldives Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Gender, and PARIS21 to discuss how we can close gender data gaps within the COVID-19 crisis. Findings from UN Women COVID-19 rapid gender assessments as well as PARIS21 piloting of gender projects will be presented that shed light on the challenges and opportunities for strengthening gender statistics systems amid the crisis.

Presenters include:

Papa Seck - Chief Statistician, UN Women

Johannes Jütting - Executive Head, PARIS21

Sara Duerto-Valero - Regional Advisor on Gender Statistics, UN Women Asia and the Pacific Regional Office  Presentation

Caroline Gatuiri Mutwiri - Kenya National Bureau of Statistics  Presentation

Verity Mganga - State Department for Gender  Presentation

Lauren Harrison - Gender Statistics Lead, PARIS21

Liliana Suchodolska - Policy Analyst – Gender Statistics, PARIS21

Fathimath Riyaza - Deputy Statistician, National Bureau of Statistics, Government of the Maldives  Presentation