The 2013 OECD Global Forum on Development took place on 3-5 April 2013. PARIS21 and its work on statistical capacity was featured in a seminar on statistical capacity development in an emerging post-2015 development agenda. Highlighting recent innovations in data production, dissemination and use, the session featured valuable interventions by Gay Tejada (Philippines), currently working in PARIS21. The need for better statistics was one of the key messages identified by former Nigerian President Obasanjo, urging the development community to “Bring me the statistics!”


The need for better statistics was one of the key messages identified by former Nigerian President Obasanjo urging the DAC chair to “Bring me the statistics!”. Backing up this statement was a suggestion to include a target and indicator on how much national statistics systems are improving. Its importance in any future framework was further highlighted in Amina Mohamed’s, UN Secretary General’s special representative to for the post-MDGs and to the High Level Panel, closing keynote. 



This forum broke new ground as the first event of its kind to use social media to create real-time discussions among participants and with speakers. An on-line discussion was held on poverty and well-being before the Forum with the results presented throughout the meetings. A number of ideas were flagged relating to statistical capacity development. One of these concerns how social cohesion and well-being concepts touch a responsive chord, but would benefit from additional work on how to operationalize and share lessons from countries adopting these approaches, and what it implies for data collection and the cost of information.


More details about the outcomes and format of the forum are available here:





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