In late August, PARIS21 and the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) held a validation and strategic planning workshop in preparation for the 2020-2024 AITRS Strategic Plan. The workshop brought together member state of AITRS—Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia—to identify priority areas for capacity development that would support the strengthening of national statistical offices (NSOs) and national statistical systems to respond to sustainable development goal data needs.

Good data informs both the quality of implementation of sustainable development solutions, and their efficiency and effectiveness. The Arab Region, like many others, faces statistical capacity challenges that hampers the ability of countries to implement sustainable development policies, let alone monitor SDG progress. AITRS seeks to build capacity to overcome these challenges.

PARIS21 is currently preparing an assessment of the AITRS Strategic Plan 2014-2018. It also provides guidance in the strategic planning exercise as part of its programme on Capacity Development 4.0 and the Regional Strategies for the Development of Statistics.

The partnership with AITRS is an initiative of PARIS21 to operationalize Capacity Development 4.0 framework in the context of the work of statistical training institutions, which are recognized as key in building capacities of NSOs and national statistical systems in the new data ecosystem.

The Arab Institute for Statistics is an intergovernmental statistical institute serving the National Statistical Offices in all Arab League countries.

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