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In a recent post published by Apolitical, Cathy Krüger, inter-regional advisor at PARIS21, and Joel Gurin, president of the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE), make the case for a holistic climate change data ecosystem that empowers countries with timely, comprehensive and inclusive data from a wide range of sources and should be a key component of climate solutions. According to the authors, "we need a new approach. Countries that can bring climate actors together, make data more coherent, and make it possible to combine different kinds of data more effectively will be more resilient to climate change."


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Key takeaways


  • The problem: Many stakeholders, particularly those in developing and low-income countries, struggle to apply climate and climate-relevant data for action, despite the rapidly growing amount of information being collected.


  • Why it matters: Without adequate data and the ability to apply it, countries, international organizations, private companies, and other actors will not be able to take the steps needed to mitigate and adapt to the worst impacts of the climate crisis.


  • The solution: Developing holistic Climate Change Data Ecosystems at the country level will allow stakeholders to more easily develop, share, and use high-quality climate change data for action to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.


Image © Eelco Bothling Unsplash

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