Infographics: Information Design

This is a hands-on 2 days’ workshop with participants.


Preparation and prerequisites

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1. Basics of statistics[1]

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

2. Introduction to Data Journalism

Data Journalism Handbook

3. Finding Data to support stories

National and international data repositories

·         NSO websites and data portals

·         National open data portal

·         World bank website 

4. Exploring Data dissemination tools


5. Telling stories with visualization






Journalist (Print and TV); Statisticians; Students who are winners of the infographic competition; Graphic designers (Private sector) – as resource persons along with professors/educators



Design considerations


Data storytelling

Graphic design

Country experiences

Workshops at NISR in Rwanda:

The concept of conveying information via infographics and/or data visualization is gaining tremendous ground in the statistical community. In Rwanda, since 2012, Infographic Competitions are being organized by the NISR – country’s NSO - to engage student community in visualizing the statistical information produced by NISR. In order to institutionalize the practice of using infographic in statistical publications at NISR itself, a team was brought together with mixed skills sets, to contribute regularly in the statistical data dissemination process by incorporating data visualization and infographics in statistical publications by NISR. NISR has organized training on data visualization and infographics by bringing together NISR’s data visualization team, journalists from the Rwandan media and winners of previous Infographic Competitions. Judges of the Infographic Competitions were invited as resource persons to facilitate the training.



[1] Statistical literacy is a necessary precondition for an educated citizenship in a technological democracy

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