Data is a key constituent for improving the condition of women worldwide, but gender data gaps persist and demand deliberate actions and strategies.

In March 2022, the national statistical office of Paraguay, Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE Paraguay), with support provided by PARIS21, organised a quarterly monitoring meeting on the progress made in implementing the country’s first Gender Statistics Strategy (GSS).

Launched in November 2021, the GSS is a five-year plan, which aims at strengthening the production and use of gender statistics. During the event, attended by around 25 key stakeholders such as civil society representatives, development partners, and users of gender statistics, INE Paraguay and the Ministry of Women presented the progress made on the four key objectives since 2021:

  • 18% progress on objective 1 on strengthening gender mainstreaming in the production of official statistics
  • 12% progress on objective 2 on improving coordination and training on gender statistics
  • 15% progress on objective 3 on enhancing accessibility to and dissemination of gender statistics
  • 5% progress on objective 4 on promoting gender statistics as a national priority for policy making and advocating for more and better financing for their production and use

The event also served as a platform for users to provide feedback on INE Paraguay’s dissemination products and channels. The results of the user satisfaction survey will inform INE Paraguay’s communication strategy and will ensure that the dissemination of gender statistics remains a priority in the upcoming years.

To ensure further progress on the four objectives, INE Paraguay will execute the following activities in 2022:

  • Implement the first-ever survey on the situation of women in Paraguay
  • Create a guide on gender mainstreaming with PARIS21 for the upcoming census
  • Update the gender statistics platform
  • Organise trainings on gender mainstreaming with PARIS21 and other partners
  • Conduct the census
  • Involve civil society and academia in the GSS implementation and monitoring

The next meeting will take place in June where INE Paraguay will present new updates and will assess the training needs of users of gender statistics to foster gender data literacy.

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