The first meeting of the Inter-agency working group on gender statistics took place on 25 June as a remote conference. The meeting was attended by the Maldives State Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services Ms. Aishath Mohamed Didi, Chief Statistician of the Maldives National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Ms. Aishath Shahuda, gender focal points, as well as line ministries and representatives of Maldives civil society organisations.

PARIS21 opened the meeting by presenting findings from the Gender Statistics Assessment, which was completed by NBS, the Ministry of Gender, PARIS21 and UN Women. The meeting featured discussions on the conclusions of the assessment report, as well as on next steps for gender statistics in the Maldives' second national strategy for the development of statistics (NSDS) for the 2020-2030 period.

First meeting of the Inter-agency working group on gender statistics (25 June 2020)

Assessment of Gender Statistics in the Maldives

With the inter-agency working group on gender statistics, the design of a new NSDS, the new statistics law -- as well as many successful partnerships on the collection of gender data (including the RGA with UN Women) -- the Maldives are well-positioned to embrace the new challenges in gender data collection caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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