Mongolia 2017

The Government of Mongolia is currently working on aligning their Sustainable Development Vision 2030 and National Development Plan 2016-2030 with the SDGs. In support of this endeavour, PARIS21 in partnership with the Mongolia National Statistics Office and the National Development Agency conducted a Workshop on NSDS and SDGs to broaden the understanding of government agencies and other potential data producers’ role in generating and compiling data for the SDGs.  The Workshop also highlights the critical role of the NSO Mongolia in coordinating a well-functioning and harmonized national statistical system as well as the wider data ecosystem to ensure availability of indicators important for monitoring Mongolia’s progress against SDGs. 

The PARIS21 Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) was presented to various statistics stakeholders to aid in properly mapping national development indicators of the Sustainable Development Vision 2030 and National Development Plan 2016-2020 with SDG indicators.  Further, the ADAPT is designed to help in identifying data sources and estimate the cost of data collection activities required to generate the national development indicators.  The tool likewise serves as monitoring tool for the NSDS.  The Mongolia NSO in partnership with NDA plans to roll out the implementation of ADAPT once all the targets and national indicators have been established.


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