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Governance statistics are fundamental to ensuring that the relationship between the state and its peoples is inclusive, transparent and accountable. They assist in monitoring the performance of government and in better understanding the contribution of governance in its various dimensions to development.

The new Handbook on Governance Statistics, launched today by the Praia Group on Governance Statistics, provides a foundation for the development of international statistical guidance and standards in all areas of governance statistics. 

The guide, which IISD has called a "long-awaited stepping stone to governance statistics" is for those wishing to understand, produce and analyse governance statistics, and is primarily targeted towards national statistical agencies. The Handbook aims to contribute to the development of international standards on governance statistics, its purpose is not to promulgate such standards.

This Handbook was developed by the Praia Group on Governance Statistics, which was established in 2015 by the UN Statistical Commission to develop “a handbook on governance statistics for national statistical offices”. It is a collaborative effort of national statistical offices, international organizations and civil society organizations.

PARIS21 was delighted to contribute the chapter on "Openness". This dimension of governance focuses on the extent to which public institutions provide access to information and are transparent in their decision- and policy-making processes. More specifically, the chapter covers access to information, open government provisions, freedom of expression and media pluralism.

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