As a follow-up to the recently dissolved Partners for Statistics Development in Asia Pacific, the ESCAP Committee on Statistics has created the new Thematic Working Group on Statistics (TWG-Stats) of the United Nations Asia-Pacific Regional Coordination Mechanism. This Group, created during the Committee’s sixth session in October 2018, aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. To support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development through effective and efficient support for SDG monitoring at the country-level and a sustainable approach to statistical capacity development of national statistical systems and stakeholders of the national data ecosystem.
  2. To provide a coordinated strategy, process and mechanisms for statistics and data inputs for regional inputs to the global processes, and for regional implementation of global mandates, including follow-up and review of SDGs progress.

PARIS21 will join TWG-Stats as a member and looks forward to contributing to the monitoring of funding for statistics through PRESS and the status of national statistical plans and programmes through NSDS in the region. Both areas are currently being monitored and reported on by PARIS21 through SDG indicators 17.19.1 and 17.18.3, respectively.

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