PARIS21 supports the Maldives' efforts to adopt statistics law in line with the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (UNFPOS). On 15 June 2020, the Maldives National Bureau of Statistics, supported by the UNSD and PARIS21, organised a webinar on the importance of statistics law in strengthening national statistical system. The webinar brought together national and international experts as well as PARIS21 staff to discuss the recently developed statistics bill in the Maldives, which was discussed in the Maldives Parliament the same week.


PARIS21 is currently supporting the Maldives in developing its second national strategy for the development of statistics (NSDS) for 2020-2030. A number of independent assessments prepared in the past three years by UN agencies and PARIS21 found that the provisions of the current statistics regulation in the Maldives do not provide enough clarity on the delineation of responsibilities of different data producers. The lack of efficiency and clarity in how the regulation sets rules for the coordination of the Maldives statistical system creates risks of redundancies, bottlenecks and grey areas in data collection. These gaps can affect the quality of data produced in the country and threaten the implementation of the NSDS. As a result, national and global priorities to which the Maldives adhere, like the SDGs, may not be measured, monitored and evaluated properly. Additionally, national policies in response to the COVID-19 may not be well-informed in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable households and communities.

PARIS21 is the custodian agency for three SDG indicators, including:

  • Indicator 17.18.2: “Number of countries that have national statistical legislation that complies with the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics”

  • Indicator 17.18.3: “Number of countries with a national statistical plan that is fully funded and under implementation”

The new legislation, as well as the design of the new NSDS, will be a significant milestone for the Maldives national statistical system and will help count the Maldives under both indicators.

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