Group photo of director generals of national statistical offices from Africa in an auditorium attending leadership training


With the increased and evolving demand for data to implement national development plans, deliver the SDGs and address the current crises affecting the world, from Covid-19 to climate change, National statistical offices (NSOs) continue to be at the forefront of meeting such demands while developing and coordinating national statistical systems as well as engaging with the larger data ecosystem. More and more demands are being put on countries to deliver more data, better quality statistics and do so at a faster pace than ever before all while enhancing technical skills and leveraging new technologies. Director Generals tasked with leading their teams to success, hold one of the most critical roles in any given government. PARIS21, together with the Centre for Creative Leadership has been providing leadership training to Director Generals from NSOs the world over to empower them with the skills needed to deliver their national strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS) and much more. 
This past month, a new and improved leadership workshop designed to include concepts that are relevant to current leadership needs of heads of NSOs was delivered both for the Africa region, in partnership with the Rwanda National Institute of Statistics and for Asia-Pacific in partnership with UNSIAP and UNESCAP. The course builds upon previous trainings which have tackled topics such as women in leadership, leading hybrid teams and others. 

What makes a strong leader?

Director Generals shared challenges they face in leading their National Statistical Systems including collaborating with a variety of stakeholders from different agencies, building and sustaining trust in national statistics, fostering expertise and effective communication. 

The importance of Peer Learning

These back-to-back workshops were an opportunity for heads of NSOs to meet with their peers from around the region and discuss challenges and opportunities they face. PARIS21 provides an ideal platform for bringing together a diverse group of leaders who share the same goals. Participants noted an overwhelming increase in their self-awareness to improve leadership effectiveness, brought home concrete actions they can take to improve leadership, and made commitments to engage in challenging situations to create learning opportunities. 

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