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UK GDP data undergoes shake-up with move to monthly figures

“The Office for National Statistics will release both a monthly indicator and a rolling three-month figure, instead of a definitive quarterly figure that is revised over time.

The new figures, which will be released on July 10, will contain a backward series and are likely to show growth grinding to a near halt in the three months to April and then a strong improvement in the three months to May.”

Financial Times

Human Rights Council Panellists Urge Capacity Building on Data

Speakers highlighted the need for technical cooperation, especially in the area of setting indicators and gathering data, and concluded that human rights and the SDGs are “mutually dependent and reinforcing,” and technical cooperation is necessary for identifying and addressing issues of discrimination and human rights abuses.”


The high-level meeting on modelling tools for sustainable development policies: an opportunity to strengthen partnerships for capacity development

The two-day event included the presentation of different capacity development initiatives for the use of models and the institutional challenges to strengthen the science-policy interface in the decision-making process. Un desa shared their experience with capacity development projects, including success stories and lessons learned.”


UN Biodiversity Lab Offers Spatial Data for Conservation, Development

According to UNDP, many countries lack access to geospatial data because of limited technical capacity. The UN Biodiversity Lab will address this limitation by providing spatial data via a free, cloud-based tool that users can access to inform conservation decision-making and support monitoring and reporting.”


Innovation sociale : quand le big data sert le développement

« En partenariat avec l'OMS, la GSMA s'est penchée sur la tuberculose en utilisant des données de cartographie anonymes pour mesurer les pics de maladie et ainsi prédire où les personnes se trouveront exposées à un risque plus élevé. »

Afrique laTribune

Study on data reporting gap launched

The data reporting gaps study will have three major objectives: to examine whether data is available; to examine the level of disaggregation of this available data; and to develop a fact sheet for each indicator at the disaggregated level.”


New country classifications by income level: 2018-2019

World Bank

Réforme institutionnelle : le NEPAD devient l'Agence de développement de l'Union africaine

« Pour le Secrétaire exécutif de l'Agence du NEPAD, Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, cela répond au besoin de rationaliser et à améliorer l'efficacité et l'efficience dans la mise en œuvre des décisions, politiques et programmes de l'UA à travers tous ses organes et institutions. »

Afrique LaTribune

Communique – CARICOM Summit

« The statements addressed issues of critical importance to the Community including the advancing of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, the engagement of youth, crime and violence and security, disaster preparedness and resilience, evaluation of institutions and a renewed focus on partnering for development.



International trade: Who is left behind and what to do about it

“We examine globalization’s effects on those left behind in both industrial and emerging markets. While access to global markets has lifted billions out of poverty in emerging markets, the benefits have not been equally shared. Trade has hurt less skilled workers in rich and poor countries. These unequal consequences have contributed to a backlash against globalization in developed countries, which now threatens the global trading system and access to that system for emerging markets.”


Democracy disrupted?

“This report intends to ‘draw back the curtain’ on how personal information is used in modern political campaigns. It summarises the policy findings from our data analytics investigation, making recommendations in respect of the transparent and lawful use of data analytics in political campaigns in the future.”


Morocco tops ranking in Africa SDG Index and Dashboards 2018 Report

“The Africa SDG Index and Dashboards were created to provide the continent with more specific information thanks to country and regional snapshots of SDG performance, and complement official monitoring efforts. The report is a call to action for governments and a tool for inclusiveness”




French development aid: 'It's no longer about aid, it's all about investment'

“In today's Perspective we look at France's role in Africa and the way sustainable development is changing. Earlier this week French President Emmanuel Macron wrapped up a three-day visit to the continent. He announced several new projects there alongside our guest Rémy Rioux, the CEO of the French development agency AFD. He tells us more.”

France 24


Something fun:

Coupe du Monde : le Big Data révèle quelles bières nous buvons devant le foot



JSM 2018

“Topics range from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundaries of statistics, such as analytics and data science.”

July 28-August 2


Data Protection World Forum

“In an increasingly digital economy the issue of data protection and privacy is becoming ever more important…”

November 20th & 21st London

Strata Data Conference 2018

You'll get a first look at the emerging trends…You'll get an insider's perspective on data's latest tools and technologies…And you'll share ideas and best practices with thousands of the leading minds in technology and business.”

September 11th ,12th ,13th


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