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UK leads calls to reach most marginalised girls with quality education

“To tackle this crisis and reach the most marginalised girls, we need to fully understand the current global situation and identify who is being left behind. UK aid is focused on gathering the right data to help us find out what children are learning and the progress being made.



High-level Meeting on SDG Financing Calls for Better Data, Long-term Investment

“The meeting focused on three priorities for scaling up financing for the SDGs: aligning global financial and economic policies with the 2030 Agenda; enhancing sustainable financing strategies; and seizing the potential of financial innovations, new technologies and digitalization to provide equitable access to finance.”



Data and transparency, our past and our future

“We’ve worked to support other UN Agencies to implement IATI, following the commitment of the UN Secretary-General in 2017 to “reinforce transparency on agency-specific expenditures and results through system-wide enrolment into the International Aid Transparency Initiative”.”



Data to End Hunger: The 50 X 2030 Initiative

“The “50 X 2030” initiative is an ambitious effort to conduct regular surveys of farming households in 50 low and lower-middle income countries by 2030—and then make the data, combined with other information sources, widely available.”


Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data


Big-data project aims to transform farming in world’s poorest countries

“A coalition including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and national governments has launched a US$500-million effort to help developing countries gather data on small-scale farmers to help fight hunger and promote rural development.”



Lack of data to measure sustainability

“LACK of baseline data and robust monitoring systems to measure sustainability are key challenges to sustainable tourism in the Pacific.”


The Figi Times

Impact investing in digital health services: treat with caution

“Technology can accelerate progress but also sharply reinforce and increase the disparities between people with digital access and those without.”…” Technology can accelerate progress but also sharply reinforce and increase the disparities between people with digital access and those without.”

Financial Times


Disaggregating the Data for Bisexual People

“The lack of data on sexual orientation continues to be a challenge, and the few sources that do gather this data often group bi+ people together with gay and lesbian respondents. Disaggregating the data fosters better understanding of bi+ people’s experiences and needs.”


Center for Amercian Progress

Hawaii’s sexual and gender minority health report 2018: A focus on transgender youth

“Health disparities among SM & TG/GNC communities have become an increasing area of concern and focus at the national, state, and local levels. Improving the health, safety, and well-being of SM & TG/GNC individuals is a specific goal of Healthy People 2020, the federal initiative which provides national goals and objectives for health promotion and disease prevention.”


The Hawai‘i Department of Health


11th conference on the integration of geography and statistics

“The motto of this year’s conference is “Finding the Future together”. The conference is hosted by Statistics Finland and the National Land Survey of Finland supported by the Statistical Office of European Union (Eurostat) and the EFGS.”


16 – 18 October

Helsinki, Finland

Conference of European statistics stakeholders

“The Conference is co-organised by Eurostat, the European Central Bank, the European Statistical Advisory Committee, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Federation of European National Statistical Societies, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, the German Statistical Society, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the University of Bamberg.”


18 - 19 October



2018 women in statistics and data science conference

“WSDS will gather professionals and students from academia, industry, and the government who are working in statistics and data science. Find unique opportunities to grow your influence, your community, and your knowledge.”


18 – 20 October

Cincinnati, Ohio

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