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Lack of data caused increase in HIV infections –Buhari

Buhari, however, expressed hope that the new survey would provide new data on the areas mostly affected by HIV and how best funds would be channelled to fighting the incurable disease.”


Petroleum data a national asset; let’s manage it well – Egbert Faibille

“It is a time-tested truth that oil and gas discoveries are the product of repeated use of data. This underscores the value of petroleum data as a national asset, which when properly stored, verified, updated, distributed, utilised and re-utilised, can lead to the discovery of otherwise unknown national petroleum resources,”


World Bank-aided scheme for accuracy in official data

“The key component of the programme, included improving the coverage, quality, timeliness and credibility of 20 key statistical indicators. The programme involved human resource development, developing statistical infrastructure, investing in physical infrastructure and improving statistical operations.”


Économie malienne : la faim a un coût considérable

« Le ministère de l’Économie et des Finances a conduit une étude sur le coût de la faim, en utilisant l’année 2013 comme référence statistique. Elle montre que cette année-là le Mali a perdu 265 milliards de FCFA, soit 4,06% de son PIB, suite aux effets de la sous-nutrition en termes de « dépenses de santé, dépenses scolaires et perte de productivité sur le marché de l’emploi ».


Reforms to cut energy bills ‘breach data protection law’

the best way to encourage customers to switch suppliers was to allow rival companies to send marketing literature to anyone who has not changed tariffs for more than three years. That proposal could be illegal, however, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was introduced last month”

The Times

Options Extends Market Data Service To Africa’s Biggest Exchange

Options, the provider of global market data and colocation services for trading firms, has added the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) to its managed colocation platform. Options’ clients will benefit from low latency managed connectivity to exchange feeds, order entry access and managed hosting directly at source.”



A guide to multilateral development banks

Understanding how the architecture of the MDBs should evolve if they are to remain effective and relevant development financiers and actors means going back to basics to examine their mandates, operations, differences and commonalities.”


Migrant Smuggling Data and Research: A global review of the emerging evidence base Volume 2

Volume 2 is again the result of a collaboration between IOM and researchers from a range of backgrounds and academic disciplines, and was supported by the Government of Turkey. As a host country of some 3.5 million Syrian refugees and a transit country of significance, Turkey – along with many iv Foreword other countries – experiences first-hand the considerable challenges in combating migrant smuggling while at the same time supporting refugees in need.”


Personal Data and Political Influence in Malaysia

Information and data are hard to come by in Malaysia, but paradoxically, one’s personal data is widely available and gets little protection from abuse.”

Tactical Technology


Something fun:

17 mesmerising projection mapping demos

Video projection mapping has the capacity to transform any object into a screen. Forget flat projection, as projection mapping has the ability to take a real-world object, such as a building, and project onto its walls without any distortion.



International Statistical Ecology Conference

July 2-7

University of St Andrews
Scotland, UK

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