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Shaping data systems: shaping DFID’s priorities

“As the context continues to change in unpredictable ways, we need help in preparing for the next decade. We are very keen to get your views on the most pressing issues and exciting opportunities. The survey will ask about the problems you think we should focus on, the opportunities that you think exist and the mechanisms to overcome the problems and realise the opportunities.”



Improving education data to count minority girls in Peru

“Afro Peruvians, a minority group roughly 8 percent of the population of Peru, has been invisible in modern government policy for two reasons. First, ethnicity is defined by language groups and, therefore, subsumes Afro Peruvians into the Spanish-speaking population. Second, the government has been focused on the indigenous population as the most vulnerable while neglecting other minority groups. “



Denmark will host a new international data center in support of an improved response to forced displacement

“Denmark has been selected by The World Bank Group (WBG) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as host country for a new WBG-UNHCR Joint Data Centre on Forced Displacement.”



Is data consent in humanitarian contexts too much to ask?

“While some aid experts say the delivery of better and more efficient services needs to be prioritized above data rights, especially in humanitarian contexts, others argue the issue is creating a growing human rights divide between citizens of higher- and lower-income nations.”



Opinion: A little data that shows the reality of the Chinese economy

“While the United States is blaming China for overusing its economic supremacy, the fact is that China is still nothing more than a developing country.”



Weighing the quality of big data for SDG monitoring

“Big data has raised big expectations among data users. Some users believe that real time data is readily available in large volumes, while official statistics are sparse and reported with a significant time lag. “

World Data Forum


Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect

In June 2018, CEDA released the results of its first nation-wide poll of community attitudes to growth and development.




“International Conferance on Sustainable Development.

The theme for ICSD 2018 is: Breaking Down Silos: Fostering Collaborative Action on the SDGs.”


26 –28 September, New York

G.STIC 2018

“G-STIC is a series of conferences that aim to accelerate the development, dissemination and deployment of technological innovations that enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). G-STIC is focused on building knowledge bases and global expert networks to support the technological transitions that are needed for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.”

28-30 November,


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