Dear colleagues and friends, 

The recent report released by the High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda marks a milestone on the way to a new development framework with great attention given to measurement, statistics and accountability. In fact, the Panel announces a “data revolution” whose objectives will be to “fully integrate statistics into decision making, promote open access to, and use of data and ensure increased support for statistical systems”. These objectives are directly quoted from our own Busan Action Plan for Statistics (BAPS). Clearly, the work that PARIS21 has been doing over the last 14 years is paying off: development data, countries statistical capacity, and their link to policy making are now an essential pillar in the international debate.


This is a remarkable achievement on which we should build. What is even more remarkable is the call of the Panel “for the establishing of a Global Partnership on Development Data that brings together diverse but interested stakeholders – government statistical offices, international organisations, CSOs, foundations and the private sector” to better link “innovative initiatives” that use mobile technology and other advances to enable real-time monitoring of development results with the traditional statistical community at both global and national levels. We strongly believe that there is no need to create or develop yet another global partnership, but that PARIS21 with its mandate and composition is well placed to act as a catalyst to bring different groups of users and producers together. We have shown this at the global, regional and national level for more than a decade. A lot more water will pass under the bridge before the international community adopts a new framework, but we strongly believe that the PARIS21 agenda will continue to gain the highest level of attention. In order to ensure that we get the maximum benefit from these exciting opportunities we need your support and lobbying wherever you can make your voice heard! Please be in touch with us if you have ideas or suggestions.


Besides these recent global developments, let me quickly reflect upon our Annual Meetings which took on a new format in April (see also article below). We organised a total of four different meetings, ranging from the more formal Board Meeting to a special session on BAPS implementation and break-out sessions. Your response to this new format and discussions were very positive and encourages us to pursue this method of sharing and addressing new topics such as innovation, new forms of user–producer dialogues and open and big data issues. We shared a very emotional moment when our former Chairwoman of the Executive Committee, Shaida Badiee gave her farewell speech. I strongly encourage you to read the interview with her and her reflections on the past and looking forward. Many thanks Shaida for all your hard work and we all wish you well in you future endeavours! 



In this second (Spring) Newsletter you will find more information on the partnership’s work in countries in different parts of the world. I am personally still very impressed in how many different countries we are engaged, supporting a strategic approach to statistical development. I recently had the pleasant opportunity to participate in a meeting of the Secretariat for the Pacific Community to discuss the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy with high-level representation from many Pacific Islands. I learnt a lot about their specific needs, constraints and ambitions. One thing though emerges everywhere: an ever more important need for a master plan on the development of statistics for evidence based policy making for better lives of people, the ultimate goal of our activities at PARIS21. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and we are very interested in your feed-back. Please send your comments and suggestions to Shayne Maclachlan (shayne.maclachlan[at]


With my very best regards,

Johannes Jütting (Manager, PARIS21 Secretariat)

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