Informing a Data Revolution

PARIS21 is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in undertaking a two year project titled “Informing a Data Revolution”. The project aims to strengthen the means by which human progress is measured and, in particular, identify concrete actions to improve the quality, reliability, availability and timeliness of data and statistics, in order to make a substantive contribution to the Post 2015 discussions and measurement framework. More specifically, the project aims to:

  • increase our understanding of existing data systems and its bottlenecks, through a stock taking exercise of 10 countries, identifying and implementing replicable solutions, and developing a roadmap for the data revolution including governance and funding arrangements, and
  • build a coalition of actors willing to implement the roadmap.


This project will be made possible with the cooperation and collaboration of an established network of development stakeholders, including data users and producers at various levels. With the knowledge, expertise, and assistance of its partners, PARIS21 looks forward to informing the data revolution with the hope that we will collectively contribute to the creation of a cohesive post-2015 global action plan on development data.

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