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Funding Data for Development: Essential to Achieve SDGs

« An increase of merely 200 million in Official Development Assistance would enable developing countries to produce the data needed for measuring and monitoring the SDGs. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have elicited much needed attention to the role of robust data and statistics to properly track global progress towards international development objectives. »

Huffington Post

Growth Without Industrialization?

« Low-income African countries can sustain moderate rates of productivity growth into the future, on the back of steady improvements in human capital and governance. But the evidence suggests that, without manufacturing gains, the growth rates brought about recently by rapid structural change are exceptional and may not last. »

Project Syndicate

More people live inside this circle than outside it - and other demographic data you should know

« While the map looks surprising at first glance, it shouldn’t really once you consider it contains all or most of the world’s most populous countries: China, India, Indonesia (fourth), Pakistan (sixth), Bangladesh (seventh) and Japan (tenth). »

World Economic Forum

Improving sustainable development data is a task for all

« In an era of fake news and alternative facts, statisticians have a special responsibility. As the custodians of the evidence base for policy making, they must stand up for the right of all citizens to true, reliable and accessible information. »


Measuring open data

A look at the four tools for assessing open data publication

« Over the last decade more and more governments have opened up the data that they hold so that it can be used to improve services, spur economic growth and hold officials to account. Several tools have been developed in order to measure how well governments are doing. These tools have a number of objectives including highlighting implementation gaps and providing a way to hold officials to account. »


Women’s economic empowerment misunderstood

« The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has heightened the demand for data – including gender data – and amplified discussions around the need for a data revolution globally, including through the Africa Data Consensus. Within these frameworks, global leaders have identified the need for gender data across all areas, including women’s economic empowerment. It is important to note that commitments to deliver gender-disaggregated data were made years earlier – for example, the Beijing Platform for Action has existed for almost 25 years. »

Deliver 2030

Gender Data Guides Policy Efforts to Improve Women’s Lives

« In a speech on September 21 at “We The Future: Accelerating Sustainable Development Solutions,” an event organized by the Skoll Foundation, TED, and the United Nations Foundation as part of Global Goals Week, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan spoke directly to women and girls around the world. “You are not invisible. You are not just a number on a spreadsheet,” she said. »

UN Foundation

Measuring sustainable development: A global postal data revolution in the digital era

« Did you know that your online order produces valuable data every time it is delivered by the Post, the most physically connected network in the world? »

ITU News

International Day of the Girl Child 2017

« Out of every six people in the world today, one is an adolescent girl below the age of 15. These are 1.1 billion people- a powerful constituency for shaping a sustainable world that’s better for everyone. They are brimming with talent and creativity. »

CSA Kenya



The State of Data Innovation in the EU

Center for Data Innovation

World Statistics Pocketbook




Interamerican Conference on Statistics

17– 20/10/2017, Rosario, Argentina

Strengthening Development of Least Developed Countries in Asia and the Pacific to Support Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

17– 18/10/2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Third meeting of the Regional Steering Group for CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

18/10/2017, Bangkok, Thailand


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