Media Review:

If you want to age well you should focus on your friendships

“Among older adults, friendships are actually a stronger predictor of health and happiness than relationships with family members, research shows.”

World Economic Forum

Stakeholders make case for open data in Africa at report launch

“The maiden edition of The Africa Data Revolution Report (ADRR2016) has been launched in Accra, Ghana, with calls for governments and other data producers to make data open, accessible and free.”


61e Congrès de la statistique: Le big data, l’enjeu du futur!

« Passer de la petite statistique au big data. C’est le défi de la communauté statistique pour les objectifs du développement durable. Particulièrement pour parvenir à la production d’indicateurs fiables ». 


Govt publicises Bangladesh's 'data revolution'

“The government made a presentation on Bangladesh's success in 'data revolution' that will speed up implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and poverty eradication, at a conference in the United Nations headquarters in New York on Wednesday.”

The Daily Star

African data is not “user-friendly”

“A serious problem in “data user-friendliness” has been identified in Africa, according to stakeholders at the recent Africa Open Data Conference”

Biz community

Why Mukesh Ambani is doling out free 4G phones to everyone

“For Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani data is the new oil. "Data is the new natural resource. We are at the beginning of an era where data is the new oil ," he said a few months ago, addressing a Nasscom conference.”

The Economic Times

Boom and bust: five census maps that show how Australia has changed

“These maps of census data show increasing urbanisation, declining home ownership in the inner cities and an ageing population in most areas.”

The Guardian

Change or die': aid charities told to stop competing for funds or face extinction

“As global power and resources shift away from traditional bastions, researchers warn major aid organisations will be sidelined by 2030 unless they change tack”

The Guardian


Pourquoi est-il important de suivre la qualité des politiques et des institutions en Afrique ?

World Bank

Compendium of good practices on the use of open data for Anti-corruption : Towards data-driven public sector integrity and civic auditing



Open Data In Developing Economies: Toward Building An Evidence Base On What Works And How

The GovLab


Something fun:

How many triangles?



Research for Development: How Three Innovation Labs Are Driving Impact

July 25, Online

The 3rd International Conference on Public Health 2017

July 27-29, Kuala Lumpur

Is Results-Based Aid More Effective Than Input-Based Aid? Evidence from the Health Sector in El Salvador

3 August, Washington, D.C.


From Social Media:

#MDGs suffered from lack of quality data. Why don't we allocate one specific pillar on #data_revolution in #UNDAFs for @SDG2030 - @ASteiner?

— Bhushan Shrestha (@bhushan_shr) July 26, 2017

78 % des 1,1 Md de personnes qui ne peuvent pas prouver leur identité, vivent en Afrique subsaharienne et Asie.

— Banque mondiale (@Banquemondiale) July 24, 2017

"Le Togo s’est résolument engagé dans l’appropriation des #ODD et dans l’élaboration de son Plan national de développement (PND) 2018-2022."

— PrésidenceTG (@PresidenceTg) July 19, 2017

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