2022 editions:


Highlights of the 2022 Spring Meetings "Data ecosystems for climate action" - April 2022

New release: Global survey shows that some national statistical offices are left behind - February 2022

2021 editions:


The PARIS21 Pulse - November 2021

In this brand-new issue of the PARIS21 newsletter, we launch the background report "Co-ordination Capacity in National Statistical Systems" providing a roadmap to improve statistical co-ordination. On the occasion of COP26, we also take the opportunity to zoom in on the topic of climate change data followed by a preview of the PARIS21 Fall Meetings, a virtual gathering of PARIS21 Board Members who will meet to explore the partnership's impact and work programme. Lastly, this issue features recent PARIS21 publications, news from partner countries as well as a range of events and news articles.

Impressions of the 2021 UN World Data Forum - October 2021

World's first platform to track SDG data financing launched - October 2021

New Gender Data Network partnership to accelerate gender production and use - August 2021

Guide on Geospatial Data Integration released - July 2021

Launching new joint report: Bridging the data-policy gap in Africa - April 2021

2018 editions:

Webinar - Capacity development in data and statistics: a waste of money? | 16 November

[Launch] PRESS 2018: Global Trends in Funding for Statistics

PARIS21 Bulletin - Fall 2018

PARIS21 monthly data news - August

Summary - PARIS21 Annual Meetings 2018

PARIS21 Bulletin - Spring 2018

2017 editions:

Happy Holidays from PARIS21, December 2017

The PARIS21 Bulletin: From ideas to action, Fall 2017

PARIS21 at the UN World Data Forum, Winter 2017

2016 editions:

The PARIS21 Bulletin: From ideas to action, Fall 2016
The PARIS21 Bulletin: From ideas to action, Spring 2016

2015 editions:

The PARIS21 Bulletin: From ideas to action, November 2015 
PARIS21 Summer Newsletter, June 2015 

In the Summer 2015 - Sparking innovations edition:

  • Editorial
  • Cartagena Data Festival
  • Improving poverty statistics in Philippines
  • Innovations: engine of the data revolution in Colombia
  • The data revolution reaching out to Arab countries
  • Interview with Ben Kiregyera on the Data Revolution
  • Digital breadcrumbs to measure literacy in Senegal
  • The Africa Data Consensus in motion
  • Making PARIS21 ready for the post-2015 agenda


2014 editions:

Newsletter - Fall 2014 - Special Edition: Informing a Data Revolution 

In this Special Edition:

  • Welcome, from Johannes Jütting
  • Who’s ready to join the data revolution?
  • Country studies reach conclusion
  • IDR project unveils two powerful new tools
  • Global call for innovations is launched
  • PARIS21 Seminar discusses UN experts report
  • London to host seminar on data revolution
  • Check out the new look and feel of the IDR website

Newsletter - Spring 2014 

For the Spring 2014 issue of the PARIS21 newsletter, we catch up on some of our most recent events, including the PARIS21 Annual Meetings, mobile data workshop in Cabo Verde, and a pair of events from UNSC 2014. We also seek your input on the Informing a Data Revolution project, and continue to look for consultants to join the PARIS21 consultant roster.

2013 editions:

Newsletter - Fall 2013 

In this issue of the PARIS21 newsletter, we launch the new NSDS guidelines (including sharing with you the brand new bilingual website), discuss big data with Dr. Jose Ramon G. Albert of the Philippine National Statistical Coordination Board, examine the results of a user producer dialogue in Maputo, talk about our work engineering the "data revolution" and present the results of the IHSN/ADP external evaluation.

We also take this opportunity to launch the first in our new discussion paper series, "Towards a Post-2015 Framework that Counts: Developing National Statistical Capacity" by Shuang Chen, Francois Fonteneau, Johannes Jütting, and Stephan Klasen

PARIS21 Newsletter Spring 2013 

In this issue:

  • PARIS21 annual meetings
  • PARIS21’s founding mother – Shaida Badiee
  • Statistics in the post-2015 development agenda
  • Bring me the statistics!
  • PARIS21 in the regions
  • Bridging the user–producer divide
  • From NSDS design to implementation
  • ADP on the ground
  • Knowing in time – Data and technology

PARIS21 Newsletter – Issue (1) – January 2013

In this issue:

  • New PARIS21 website launched
  • Development debate: from data poverty to data deluge
  • Africa: Improving statistical strategies through dialogue
  • Asia and Central America: Solidifying regional integration through statistics
  • Statistics and inclusive growth in the Philippines
  • 1600 surveys now available online 
  • In Focus: Aid to statistics: Are we doing it right?
  • Interview: Frances Harper - New PARIS21 Executive Committee Chair