What is the NSDS Evaluation Tool?

The Evaluation Tool is designed to assess the quality of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS), its level of implementation and overall impact.

Developed by PARIS21, the Tool gives a quantitative indication of the overall quality of the NSDS, the extent of its implementation and overall impact. The tool is not intended for international comparisons or country rankings.


The Tool has been developed to help countries and/or development partners identify statistical development areas within the NSDS that require more attention at the country level, in a quick and easy way.

Who should use the tool?

The Tool should be filled-in by countries themselves or external partners.

When should the NSDS Evaluation Tool be used?

The evaluation can be part of an ongoing process by the country to determine the implementation level of the NSDS. It can also be filled-in by the country prior to an external evaluation (mid-term or final) of the NSDS.

How to use the tool

The Tool has been developed in Microsoft Excel with interactive spreadsheets. Drop down options are available for categorical responses while whole numbers should be keyed-in directly. A User Manual is also available to help use the Tool.


The results are automatically processed and produce a summary table along with corresponding performance charts based on major themes.


We welcome feedback from users of the Tool. To let us know about your experience, please send an email to paris21@oecd.org.

NSDS Self-Assessment Evaluation Tool

nsds self assessment

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