Juan Daniel Oviedo

Juan Daniel Oviedo was appointed by the President of Colombia as the Chief Statistician of Colombia in August 2018. His areas of research and teaching include regulation economics, industrial organization and network economics.

He has international professional experience in economic consulting for energy markets, and national experience in government and teaching. More specifically, he has performed as the Director of Institutional Planning and Research (2016-2018) and Director of the PhD School of Economics (2013-2016). Additionally, he was Associate Founder and Chief Director of a leading consultancy company, LEICO Consultores (2011-2018), which acted as an expert opinion both for the private and public sectors in regulated industries in Colombia and Latin America. He holds a permanent academic position at Universidad del Rosario of Bogotá (Colombia) since 2005.

Mr. Oviedo holds a PhD in economics from the University of Toulouse 1 (France), and a bachelor's degree in economics from the Universidad del Rosario of Bogotá (Colombia).