PARIS21 is pleased to announce our Annual Meetings 2015, themed: Making Countries fit for the Post-2015 Development Agenda. This year’s meetings will run from 30 March–1 April, 2015 at the OECD Conference Centre, in Paris, France.

On top of updating you on our accomplishments and plans for the coming year, we will hold two lively discussions on how countries can deliver for the SDGs and measuring statistical capcity. In addition, we will present the PARIS21 Strategy for the 2016–2020 period and the Informing a Data Revolution Road Map.

Please click here to see the document package with the finalised agenda. 

Below you can find a summary and keynote presentations of the various sessions:

Board Meeting:

Seminar on Measuring Statistical Capacity

Seminar on Making Countries Fit for the Post-2015 Development Agenda