PARIS21 Discussion Papers

The PARIS21 Discussion Paper series features expert authors ranging from statisticians to academics who seek to lend their voices to the discourse on statistical capacity development.

dp 16

Paper 16: Improving national statistical systems: The role of peer reviews

El Iza Mohamedou, Barbara Baredes, Gay Tejada, and Jakob Matthiessen


Paper 15: Mobilising Data for the SDGs: How could a Data Acceleration Facility help, and how might it work?

Andrew Rogerson with Rachael Calleja


Paper 14: Financing challenges for developing statistical systems: A review of financing options

Rachael Calleja and Andrew Rogerson



Paper 13: Emerging Labour Market Data Sources towards Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Nikos Askitas, Rafik Mahjoubi, Pedro S. Martins, Koffi Zougbede

This report focuses on new data sources and ways to create, access and manage labour market data. The study is a response to the realisation that Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in developing countries has not worked as desired and that a new form of digital TVET might be needed.

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Paper 12:  Good Practices for Sustained Financing of National Statistics

Moizza Binat Sarwar, Emma Samman and Romilly Greenhill 

This study takes a first step towards mapping out the building blocks of a robust statistical system by trying to better understand the circular relationship between the availability of finance and the development of statistical systems, and to identify good practices in raising financial support for statistics.


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Paper 11: Measuring Statistical Capacity Development: A review of current practices and ideas for the future

Francois Fonteneau, Barbara Yael Baredes and Charlotte Mayard

The paper looks at the 14 most referenced statistical capacity assessments and compares them to the dimensions highlighted in PARIS21's Capacity Development 4.0 (CD4.0) framework.

OECD Statistics Working Paper:


Access to New Data Sources for Statistics: Business Models and Incentives for the Corporate Sector


Thilo Klein and Stefaan Verhulst

Paper 9:


Realising the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development: Towards Capacity Development 4.0


Niels Keijzer and Stephan Klingebiel

Paper 8:


Making Data Portals work for SDGs: A view on deployment, design and technology


Geoffrey Greenwell, John Kinyua, Thilo Klein, Rajiv Ranjan

OECD Development Co-Operation Working Paper:


Public-Private Partnerships for Statistics. Lessons Learned, Future Steps


Nicholas Robin, Thilo Klein and Johannes Jutting

Paper 7:


Building statitistical capacity. The challenges


Graham Eele

Paper 6:


Harnessing support and building institutions for the data revolution


Enrico Giovannini

Paper 5:


The Political Economy of Official Statistics:

Implications for the Data Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa


Florian Krätke and Bruce Byiers

PARIS21 Discussion Paper 4

Paper 4:


Assessing the demand and supply of statistics in the developing world: some critical factors


Jeffery I. Round

PARIS21 Discussion Paper 3

Paper 3:


Information Revolution - From Data to Policy Action in Low-Income Countries: How Can Innovation Help?


Matjaž Jug

PARIS21 Discussion Paper 2

Paper 2:


Knowing in time: How technology innovations in statistical data collection can make a difference in development


Espen Beer Prydz

PARIS21 Discussion Paper 1

Paper 1:


Towards a Post-2015 Framework that Counts: Developing National Statistical Capacity


Shuang Chen, Francois Fonteneau, Johannes Jütting, Stephan Klasen


PARIS21 Strategy Papers

PARIS21 Strategy Papers provide key recommendations along specific thematic issues on how to best advance statistical capacity development objectives.


Statistical Capacity Building in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States