PARIS21 facilitates South-South learning in statistical development through a peer review mechanism. The focus of the peer reviews is on governance of the national statistical system (NSS), its organisation, strategic planning, service to users, funding, and sustainability. Peer review teams typically include both senior statisticians (normally the head or deputy head of the NSS) and senior policy makers from two other countries.

The African peer review process of NSSs was launched by the Economic Commission for Africa's Committee on Development Information (CODI) meeting in 2003. CODI recommended that African countries, supported by PARIS21, carry out peer reviews to ensure that good practice passes from country to country, based on the first hand experience of peers, to help accelerate the change processes in reforming statistical systems.

PARIS21 has developed a practical guide on conducting a peer review to help facilitate the process (currently available in French). In addition, for the May 2010 edition of the African Statistical Journal, PARIS21 authored an article on "Peer Reviews of African National Statistical Systems."

The final reports issued from these peer reviews are placed on this site, once validated by the reviewed country.

  • Côte d'Ivoire (2017), reviewed by Cameroon and Senegal
  • Tanzania (2016), reviewed by Kenya and South Africa
  • Myanmar (2016), reviewed by Malaysia, Philippines and ASEAN Secretariat 
  • Cambodia (2015), reviewed by Indonesia, Philippines and ASEAN Secretariat 
  • Cameroon (2015), reviewed by Chad and Senegal
  • Kenya (2015), reviewed by South Africa and Tanzania
  • Mauritania (2014), reviewed by Djibouti and Mali
  • Senegal (2011), reviewed by Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea
  • Benin (2010), reviewed by Burundi and Guinea
  • Burkina Faso (2009), reviewed by Cameroon and Niger
  • Malawi (2009), reviewed by Mozambique and Tanzania
  • Mozambique (2009), reviewed by Malawi and Tanzania
  • Niger (2009), reviewed by Burkina Faso and Mauritania
  • Congo (2010), reviewed by Benin and Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Ghana (2007), reviewed by Kenya and Tanzania
  • Tanzania (2007), reviewed by Ghana and Zambia
  • Zambia (2007), reviewed by Ghana and Tanzania
We facilitate South-South Learning in Statistical Development through a Peer Review Mechanism